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2023 Translation and Localization Trends Your Translation Company Should Be Telling You About

Translation and Localization Trends in 2023 - Transcend Translation

Translation services have become very relevant in the present era. As businesses grow in size and reach, they aim to solidify their reputation as international or global brands by incorporating high-quality translation services into their business operations to get a foothold in both emerging and established international markets.

Translation and localization are related terms, but they’re not exactly the same. Translation takes place before localization. While the former involves the conversion of documents, web content, or an alternative form of text from its original language to a target language, the latter involves translating such text in context (with all the nuances and expressions perfectly adapted to the target audience).

There are certain trends that occur during a particular moment in time for every industry, and the translation/language industry is no exception. Knowing and applying these trends can be crucial to the push of a brand to its international market. So what are these translation and localization trends?

Translation and Localization Trends to Adopt For Translation Company in 2023

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Machine Translation

Machine translation involves the use of translation software. Initially, when machine translation was in the industry, AI wasn’t in the picture, so it was just raw machine translation will change soon been speculated that there will be a massive adoption of artificial intelligence in translation software.

This will improve machine translation because the software will now have access to vocabulary glossaries, making it capable of enhanced interactive translation. With AI, translators can plan translation objectives, tailoring the software to give them what they want. Before AI, translators had to depend on post-editing machine-translated text and localizing it. However, with AI, translators can now pre-edit machine-translated text.

Video Subtitling and Translation Services

The eLearning market has been growing steadily in value annually since the pandemic hit. It also happens to be one of the best applications for video subtitling and translation, and this translation service has played a key role in the growth of remote learning. Many brands or educators now have a chance to adapt their video courses for their international audience. This means that courses can now have a wider audience, which triggers a higher demand for video subtitlers and translators.

Freelance Translation

Unlike before, there are now more freelance translators in the industry thanks to the emergence of new translation and localization trends which has created more work opportunities. Clients now source for freelance translators thanks to consistent employee turnover and economic growth.

Localization Search Engine Optimization

Integrating SEO and localization practices is another interesting trend for a translation company. SEO is one of many ways to reach a wider audience, and translation firms are gradually shifting to the adoption of search engine-optimized keywords as well as term-based word index in the translated text. Copywriters will draft SEO copies based on a strict word count and the guidelines of the company, then turn them in for translation. It’s a rigorous process and needs a capable hand for perfect execution, but it’s a welcome trend that will propel the industry in the right direction.

Podcast Translation

Gradually growing in relevance and garnering a wider audience. Naturally, the appetite or listenership for podcasts will grow to a point where there will be a demand for podcast translation to reach a wider audience. It hasn’t happened yet, but with the rate at which the relevance of podcasts is growing, it’s just a matter of time.

SMS/Email Marketing Localization

This is a sub-trend under machine translation but a trend in its own right as well. The cross-pollination of SMS or Email marketing and localization services is a trend that’s waiting to happen because these forms of marketing are very relevant in the eCommerce industry. Many eCommerce brands have an international market, and to reach them via the forms mentioned above marketing, they will need translation and localization services.