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Choosing the Right eLearning Localization Partner

Choosing The Right Elearning Localization Partner - Transcend Translatio

eLearning has grown in leaps and bounds since the emergence of the digital age. Now, the distance barrier is no longer an issue. Although the language barrier is still a relevant problem, there’s a viable solution for that – an eLearning translation partner. However, this comes with a problem of its own. There’s an overwhelming number of translation agencies, but you can’t work with all of them. This begs the question: how do I know the right eLearning service to go for? If you’re reading this, consider that problem solved because we’ll be answering that question.

Ensure They Have a Proven Track Record in the E-learning Domain

If you’re confused about who to pick as your eLearning localization partner, this is an easy way to decide if they’re worth working with or not. Of course, you want an experienced translation service with a verifiable track record because they seem capable of doing a good job. To do this, visit the company’s website and navigate your way around till you see a list or compilation of clients that they’ve worked with before.

Seeing the names of reputable companies may win you over, but it’s not enough. We recommend going a step further by contacting those companies to verify if they’ve worked with the translation service you’re considering. Their response will tell you all you need to know.

Check for Online References

This is another effective way to ensure that you’re making the right choice. Online references include reviews and testimonials from clients. If you see good reviews and testimonials, then it’s a sign that you’re on the right track. If not, abort the mission! On the other hand, if you’re a very skeptical person who thinks customer reviews can be fabricated, you can also check the company’s profile on Clutch. The site is a good source for verifiable and genuine reviews.

Trusted Network of Translators, Interpreters, Voice Artists, and Audio Engineers

The ideal eLearning translation partner should have a trusted network of the professionals mentioned above. When you hire the translation service, these people will execute the job depending on the kind of translation you require. If they don’t, that’s a red flag and your cue to look elsewhere.

Guarantee They Have Got Experience With Authoring Tools

To be a top-tier eLearning translation service, the workers that make up the firm are expected to be skilled in using popular authoring tools and Learning Management Systems. Otherwise, how will a service that doesn’t know how to use eLearning tools translate digital learning content properly?

Verify Their Expertise in Instructional Design

This is an additional service for an eLearning localization partner, but still an important requirement nonetheless. Some translation agencies are very good at converting the source language into the relevant target language with attention to cultural context and nuances. However, they may not be experts in instructional design, so while they do a good job in translation, the work doesn’t look good.

Ensure They Have an Effective Project Management Process and Methodology

This is arguably the most important tip because how the eLearning translation agency works is everything. What’s the process like? Is their project management efficient? Do they carry out quality assurance on the projects before submission? What’s their working methodology like? Most importantly, do they make you feel less like a middleman or middlewoman? The more organized the eLearning translation partner is the less back-and-forth for you.

Check their Reputation, Awards, and Recognition

In every industry, reputation is a currency. This is built with excellent service, a growing clientele, awards, and recognition. The more reputable the company is and the more awards they’ve won, the better. It’s social proof that you’re in good hands. Awards from bodies such as and have a lot of weight.

Ask for References From Their Customer Support

You can simply contact the service’s customer support channel and request references. If the company is willing to provide references, they’ve nothing to hide and will be good to work with. If not, they’re shady and should be discarded as an option.

Start With a Sample Project Work

Without a doubt, this is the best way to choose the right eLearning translation partner for your needs. It’s either taking the time to follow through the other tips or simply executing this one. By asking the company for a sample project work, you’ll see all you need to make up your mind on them. Through this sample, their competency or lack of it will show.

There are many top eLearning translation companies, but a great recommendation is Transcend Translation. They tick all boxes here and guarantee great value for your money. They’re also among the most reputable, recognized, and awarded companies you can find. With six awards to their names, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a pleasant working experience with them.


At this point, we’re confident that you will make an informed decision on the right eLearning localization partner to work with. To refresh your memory, ensure they have a proven track record, online references, a trusted network of relevant professionals, are well-versed in instructional design, have an efficient project management process, have recognition in the industry, and are willing to submit a sample project.