How we helped Moore Solutions, Inc. localize their eLearning materials and software

About Moore Solutions, Inc.

MSi, Inc. is a Florida-based company that provides hands-on courseware for industry certifications. Their innovative solutions offer everything that students, teachers, companies, and individuals need to prepare for exams and conduct effective courses.

It felt like having our own translation and localization team in-house. Thanks to Transcend, we were able to adapt our eLearning materials and software for overseas markets and deliver value to one of our most important clients.


MSi, Inc.

Our relationship with MSi, Inc, dates back to September 2022. Back then, the company was looking for a trusted language service provider that could help them localize eLearning training materials and software.

The company owns a solution called MSi Courseware that can be easily added as a plugin to a different set of products, including Microsoft Office and Adobe applications, allowing students/employees to learn directly inside them.

One of their major clients was interested in having their courses available in different languages. It was an opportunity to deliver value to this particular client, but also to start marketing their training courses and software as multilingual to other customers.

Types of content localized

eLearning training materials


Types of content localized




Providing high-quality eLearning and software localization

Dedicated project managers that coordinate MSi’s requests and manage complexity

A team of highly-experienced linguists and reviewers for each language combination

Development of MSI’s terminology databases using digital termbases that are integrated with Transcend’s translation management system

Set up and maintenance of translation memories to reduce translation costs and improve consistency

Implementation of customized workflows based on best localization practices

A talented DTP Team to formatt and replace screenshots from the English version to match those in the target languages.

Automated and manual quality assurance checks and reviews

Aggressive Service Level Agreement to assure prompt delivery

Solution provided

Professional Human Translation

Secondary Revision

Types of content localized

Translation Memory Management

Desktop Publishing

Quality Assurance

Building relationships based on trust

When the end client reviewed the translation and localized software, they were thrilled with the quality of the service provided and gave MSi, inc excellent feedback.

At Transcend, we know our role is to provide solutions that empower our clients to achieve their strategic goals. The success of this project helped us channel that mission into reality.



words translated


pages formatted


images localized