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You have worked hard to develop great eLearning courses for your employees in English, but will those courses give your international employees the same experience?

eLearning, Transcended.

Transcend your communication and feel confident your global eLearners will excel with your training courses by partnering with a recognized leader in eLearning translation.

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eLearning translation and localization is quite different from standard document translation. Context and understanding what a learner sees and hears will drastically modify how a professional translator will translate to properly educate and train your learner. Most translation companies do not have the capabilities and technology to help translators understand and see those insights. Clear and correct communication is key to train employees so they can meet your organization’s needs.

elearning translation
elearning translation


Projects with our clients always vary in scope and size but one thing is certain, they require a high level of trust, knowledge, and experience. We have managed every aspect of business training, leadership, sales, automotive, pharmaceutical, financial, healthcare, food safety, heavy machinery, retail, and more. We provide complete A-Z language solutions to include translation, localization, voice-over, audio engineering, and full integration back into LMS or other authoring platforms (i.e. Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, etc).

We work with all eLearning platforms and infrastructures.

Our eLearning localization team has extensive experience with a wide range of formats and eLearning platforms.

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