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Top Five Free Translation Tools on the Market

Top 5 Free translation tools on the market

If you’re running a cross-border business or anything that involves a foreign language, you require a translation service to bridge the language barrier, which may not be cheap.

Thankfully, mobile phones and web pages are now equipped with free translation apps. These apps provide easily accessible, reliable, and cheaper translation services for different purposes. While these apps can sometimes be useful, they do not replace professional translation services.

This article will discuss some of the top free translation tools in the market. We’ll also discuss why you should choose a professional translation service over them.

1. Google Translate

Google Translate is a free multilingual machine translation service. The software allows you to translate words, phrases, photos, documents, signs, web pages, and more between English and other languages.

Google Translate is the most widely known translation program and may integrate into Google products such as Chrome, including many Android and iOS apps. The program supports over 100 languages.

It lets you download words and phrases for areas with poor internet reception. One of the best things about Google Translate is that you can translate over half of the languages without the internet. It has an audio component making it a traveler’s choice.

2. Bing Microsoft Translator

Bing Microsoft Translator is among the best translation software. It is a product of Microsoft Inc. and supports windows, phones, Android, and iOS. You can customize it by adding your unique category ID using the Microsoft Translator Hub.

The Hub enables you to add custom dictionaries with foreign language word lists unique to your business or industry. The software allows automatic translation and post-publishing editing with the Microsoft Translator CTF. Bing Translator supports over 100 languages.

3. Travel Phrasebook

The Travel Phrasebook is most suited for travelers due to the exposure of several languages. It contains words and phrases that a traveler needs to make everything clearer.

It also has in-built pictures pointing to how a traveler should greet in a particular culture and displays numbers, eating outlets, and more.

There is an option for voice record so that language learners can listen to themselves speaking.

4. Linguee

Linguee is a translational dictionary and search engine where you can type words and phrases in foreign languages to get their meanings. The software allows you to see other web documents where the words exist to learn the context in which they apply.

However, Linguee does not translate web pages or documents and does not support spoken words. You can use it with other translation tools like Google Translate for a broader knowledge of a text you are reading.

5. iTranslate

iTranslate is a popular, free translation app that supports more than 100 languages. It also has in-house purchases that can benefit you. One good thing about iTranslate is that you can translate dictation with it.

A traveler can speak into it and receive an answer automatically. iTranslate offers a slow audio playback feature to eliminate pronunciation errors.

Why Should you Choose Professional Translation Service Over Free Tools?

Many people prefer contracting professional translation agencies to machine translators. Here are a few reasons to choose a professional translation service.

  • Most translation apps, especially the free ones, do not address the culture of one’s target market regarding business and literature.
  • Native language experts have the right skills and understand the cultural nuances of a target audience, a feature you cannot find in the best free translation tools.
  • When you want to advance into the global market, the service of a professional and expert translation agency is necessary. The translation expert understands the global market better than you. Experts can help you gain access to your target native market.
  • Expert translations cover all aspects of content, be it e-commerce, documents or software.
  • A good professional translation service delivers a certified quality of translated content according to the requirements of your target audience.


Using translation software when on the go is recommended. The top picks above can serve in emergencies with their unique features. But when it comes to in-depth service, a human translator is preferable due to wider coverage in real-life communications.

We can go on and on to show you more benefits, but it is worth noting that you can get more from choosing professionals for your translation needs.