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Google Translation Vs. Professional Human Translation – What’s Your Best Bet?

Google Translation vs. Professional Human Translation

Google Translate offers the easiest and fastest way to translate words online. But how accurate is it compared to a professional human translation? This article compares Google translation vs. professional human translation. Although Google Translate offers free online usage, you cannot compare it to a professional human translator.

Professional translation service offers a better choice of words, great accuracy, perfect grammar, maintains formality, and uses the exact tone of the translated article. On the other hand, Google has several features, including free usage, fast translation, and convenience.

Also, Google Translator translates jobs online using a deep learning technique that uses mathematical features to translate words in real time. Although these tools perform similar tasks, there are several differences between Google translation and professional human translation.

Key Differences between Google translation vs. professional human translation

Google Translate is ideal when you’re rushing to complete a project. However, a professional human translation is paramount when translating extended content for professionals.

Generally, a human translator translates meaning, while a Google Translate translates words. Below are factors that show the key differences between Google and human translation.

1. Great Accuracy

There are over 7,000 different languages around the world. This means a good translator knows how to use language patterns for translations. Language patterns get rid of errors during translation. But when there is no linguistic understanding, the translation becomes a fractured syntax, an unreadable sentence, and a pool of errors.

Google Translate gives errors even after translation. So, a human translation is recommended in terms of great accuracy.

2. Perfect Grammar

Google Translate has a true language understanding with no human factor. This is why selecting the correct word for a sentence is challenging. During the translation process of Google Translate, the output becomes too literal. Moreover, due to a common language pairing technique, Google Translate loses the meaning of sentences.

But a professional human translator understands the full language structure they are using. This means they know the right tenses to use for a meaningful translation. Also, when writing a text in your local dialect, a thesaurus helps to prevent repetition on a Google translation platform.

3. Use a good translation tone

Google Translate is not capable of having a single tone within a text, which is one of its shortcomings. For example, Google Translate cannot determine whether or not a language sounds formal.

However, based on the target audience and context, a professional human translator knows when to use formal and informal forms.

Pros of Google translation Vs. Human translation

The pros of Google and human translation apply to professional and personal use.

Pros of Google Translation tone

  • In a couple of minutes, Google Translate can translate many words.
  • The Google Translate online platform is free for usage.
  • Google Translator translates documents using an online database, statistics, and a pair of language frequencies. This method of operation guarantees speed and precision.

Cons of Google Translation

  • Context and knowledge of language can be lost using a Google translation technique.
  • The accuracy of Google Translator depends on the quality of the language pair. So, the lesser the language pair quality, the lesser its accuracy.
  • Google Translate makes several mistakes which the professional human translator fixes.

Pros of Human Translation

  • The accuracy of text is sure when using a professional human for translation.
  • Professional human translation is known for its proofreading abilities to abolish unreadable sentences and syntax.
  • Human translators offer a good level of creativity where needed when performing translation tasks.

Cons of Human Translation

  • The average professional human translator can translate over 2,000 words per day.
  • Hiring a human translator is quite expensive compared to Google Translate.
  • Keeping your confidential documents private while working with human translators might be difficult unless you sign an NDA.

Why is professional human translation the best choice for official purposes?

Official tasks demand a high level of accuracy. It also enables the user to handle errors like changes in meaning and unreadable passages.

In addition, human translation understands grammatical structure, idioms, and slang. This is a crucial factor when comparing Google translation vs. professional human translation.


In the Google translation vs. professional human translation comparison, it’s clear that human translation is necessary for a quality translation task. Human translation proves effective for legal translation, translating employee handbook and other documents for offices, companies, schools, etc.

Although the cost of human translation might be high, the result will be worth it. On the other hand, when given a translation task that needs speed and free usage, Google translate should be your best choice.