7 Reasons Why You Need to Translate Your WordPress Website

Importance of Translating Your WordPress Website

Since the emergence of the internet, many companies have been leveraging the opportunity to establish a global online presence. Conversely, other companies have been looking for budget-friendly means to increase their reach. Website translation is a proven way to achieve that.

It’s a solution that so many businesses have benefited from, and yours can too. Of course, you may need some convincing to give it a shot. That, we’ll be happy to provide. We’ll be discussing some significant reasons you need to create a multilingual site.

Expand Your Brand Reaching a Larger Audience

A lot of businesses intend to go global. To do this, they have to expand their brand into new markets. Let’s say a company has established a strong presence in the American market. Of course, it’s a no-brainer to figure out that their website content is in English. Now, the company wants to expand its brand to new markets in South America. So, the best course of action is to create a multilingual website with the target languages being Portuguese and Spanish.

This will enable the company to communicate its brand offerings to several countries on the continent and slowly establish itself. Successful brand expansion!

Put Your Clients in Their Comfort Zone

A lot of companies that have attained global popularity may be wanting in terms of proper website translation. What do we mean? Their website content may be translated with the aid of Google Translate. This doesn’t define a multilingual website. Clients will prefer to read pages or posts in their native language. They don’t want to seek translation. It puts them out of their comfort zone.

So, when a company provides website content in the relevant target languages, clients can read them directly in their preferred language. Easy peasy!

Improve Your Web Positioning

It’s the desire of every company to rank well on Google SERPs. However, only a few companies achieve this. If you want your firm’s website to rank better globally, one way to go about it is website translation for multilingual SEO. With your website content in several target languages, your website will rank well in several countries.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Competition is good for business because every company will strive to do better. This means better products and services for the consumers. The interesting thing is that some companies don’t want to merely compete; they want to stand tall above the competition. This is a cumulative effect of the other benefits of website translation for a company.

When your company ranks better than its rivals, puts clients in their comfort zone, expands their brand for a larger reach, and builds their brand image and credibility, it will generate more money in revenue. The aggregate effect of all these is shrugging off the competition and dominating the market.

Build Trust and Brand Recognition

The more familiar a market is with a brand, the more trust and recognition the company will have in that region. Let’s give you a scenario with Company X and Company Y in Far East Asia. Company X’s website content is in French, while Company Y’s website has content in Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean. Who do you think will have more trust and recognition in the market? You guessed it right – Company Y. It’s the same in real-life applications.

Generate More Sales & Revenue

More sales and revenue are merely a side effect of the benefits of having a multilingual site. You can’t compare the revenue of a company with a strong presence in 3 continents with that of a firm dominating a single territory. It’s a simple equation. The more markets you can reach, the more clients you’ll have and the more sales you’ll make. This translates to a significant boost in revenue.

Translating Your Site is Cost-effective Way to Go Global

Website translation is just one of several ways to make your brand global. However, it’s one of the most affordable ways to get the job done. The beauty of having a multilingual site is that the cost of the operation pales in comparison to what you can gain from it. Talk about a massive ROI!


At this point, you shouldn’t doubt what website translation can do for your business. To recap, having a multilingual site can expand your brand to a larger audience, put clients in their comfort zone, improve your web rankings, stand out from the competition, build trust and recognition, generate more revenue, and is affordable to execute.