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Professional Document Translation

Transcend makes it easy, fast, accurate, and affordable to translate and localize all types of professional documents.


    As a world-leading language provider, Transcend Translation provides a wide range of translation services across all industries for over 100 languages.

    Professional Document Translation, Transcended.

    Are you ready to take your translation and localization needs to the next level?

    Our proven processes, professional native translators, and quality assurance methods result in the highest level of accuracy and fastest time to market. This will allow you to be global, but sound local helping your company excel in the international marketplace.

    Cloud-Based Translation Management

    Transcend moves at the speed of your business leveraging the best technology to get the outcome you desire. 

    We use a cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS) to manage all your translation projects using your previously translated words and sentences, called Translation Memory (TM), to keep word continuity in your translations. 

    This saves time, money, and ensures the highest consistency.

    elearning translation
    elearning translation

    Superior Project Management

    Professional project management is critical to achieve your desired outcome. 

    Transcend’s experienced project managers paired with our seamless business translation and localization workflow get the quality and results you expect. 

    We leverage the best technology to automate processes and reduce human involvement if it produces better output. With fewer hands-on tasks, we increase the accuracy of the whole workflow and eliminate mistakes.

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