The Future of eLearning Translation: Trends and Innovations

eLearning Translation Trends Image - Transcend Translation

In recent years, the eLearning industry has experienced unprecedented growth, driven by advancements in technology and a shift towards online education. With the increasing globalization of education, the demand for eLearning content development, localization, and translation has surged. This article explores the evolving landscape of eLearning translation and highlights key trends and innovations shaping its future. […]

Transcend Translation: Named Fastest-Growing Company in 2024 LSPI – Professional Language Translation Services

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Recognition in the 2024 Slator Language Provider Index In a remarkable feat of achievement, Transcend Translation has been recognized as the fastest-growing company organically in the 2024 Slator Language Provider Index (LSPI), solidifying its position among the world’s best translation companies. What sets Transcend apart is its organic growth, achieved without any acquisitions in 2023—a […]

eLearning localization: The Importance of Localizing & Translating Voice-overs

E learning Localization and Translation of Voice-overs - Transcend Translation

Voice-over translation is a fast-growing industry globally, with many people making it a career. Generally, voice-overs aim to personalize viewers’ experiences when relating to the visuals on screen. Voice-over translation is the translation of the original script of a production, read and recorded by an artist in another language. Recently, more emphasis has been placed […]

Top Five Free Translation Tools on the Market

Top 5 Free translation tools on the market

If you’re running a cross-border business or anything that involves a foreign language, you require a translation service to bridge the language barrier, which may not be cheap. Thankfully, mobile phones and web pages are now equipped with free translation apps. These apps provide easily accessible, reliable, and cheaper translation services for different purposes. While […]

Voice-Over vs. Subtitle: Which Is Best For Learning Retention?

Voice Over vs Subtitle Which Is Best

You’re already familiar with the benefits of eLearning localization, like how it facilitates translations for international audiences. However, choosing between voice-overs and subtitles to pass your message to your target audience can be challenging. If you offer several e-learning courses, it’s better to implement both systems, but the cost might be the constraint here. This […]

Eight-Step Newbie-friendly Guide to eLearning Localization

Guide to eLearning Localization

Recently, eLearning has become one of the fastest-growing industries across the world. The term came into existence in 1999, and since then, it has been a viable training or learning option for millions of individuals to acquire a new skill. Thanks to eLearning, people can have access to or acquire professional certificates and even degrees […]

Why colors matter for eLearning Localization

What Colors and Symbols Mean In Different Countries and Cultures - elearning localization

It is now common and accepted for organizations to have students from different countries and cultures. This can make things interesting for the eLearning designer who is not familiar with some differences. If you are an online course creator, then at least at some point, you would come across a student with a foreign background. […]