Transcend Translation: Named Fastest-Growing Company in 2024 LSPI – Professional Language Translation Services

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Recognition in the 2024 Slator Language Provider Index In a remarkable feat of achievement, Transcend Translation has been recognized as the fastest-growing company organically in the 2024 Slator Language Provider Index (LSPI), solidifying its position among the world’s best translation companies. What sets Transcend apart is its organic growth, achieved without any acquisitions in 2023—a […]

Increase Sales through Network Marketing Translation

Increase Sales through Network Marketing Translation

Direct selling, multi-level marketing (MLM), or network marketing translation differs from normal content translation, which often dumbs down the message and neglects the cultural context of a marketing campaign. Network marketing translation goes beyond the translation of marketing materials, landing pages, backend, etc., into a targeted language. It also involves precisely communicating the exact message […]

Growing International Sales through Proper Translation

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It’s natural to wonder about the connection between language translation service and international sales. Over time, many companies have expanded their offers of value and brand visibility to the global market. However, the primary issue has always been language barriers. Hence, the need for a language translation service ascended.  Thanks to business translation, organizations have […]