eLearning localization: The Importance of Localizing & Translating Voice-overs

E learning Localization and Translation of Voice-overs

Voice-over translation is a fast-growing industry globally, with many people making it a career. Generally, voice-overs aim to personalize viewers’ experiences when relating to the visuals on screen. Voice-over translation is the translation of the original script of a production, read and recorded by an artist in another language. Recently, more emphasis has been placed […]

Top Five Free Translation Tools on the Market

Top 5 Free translation tools on the market

If you’re running a cross-border business or anything that involves a foreign language, you require a translation service to bridge the language barrier, which may not be cheap. Thankfully, mobile phones and web pages are now equipped with free translation apps. These apps provide easily accessible, reliable, and cheaper translation services for different purposes. While […]

Voice-Over vs. Subtitle: Which Is Best For Learning Retention?

Voice Over vs Subtitle Which Is Best

You’re already familiar with the benefits of eLearning localization, like how it facilitates translations for international audiences. However, choosing between voice-overs and subtitles to pass your message to your target audience can be challenging. If you offer several e-learning courses, it’s better to implement both systems, but the cost might be the constraint here. This […]

What Is Translation Memory?

What Is Translation Memory

The world is getting more digitalized with lots of innovative applications. Several businesses and industries have shifted to the use of computerized and simplified approaches in operations. The shift cuts across all industries and services, including translation. There’s a revolution in translation services through translation memory. Most professional translators now use translation memories to simplify […]

Transcend Translation is Best Translation Company in Salt Lake City

Transcend Translation ranks as the best translation company for translation services in Salt Lake City by independent third-party platforms.  Technology has done a lot in bringing the world closer. Geographical distance and time zones aren’t the near-impossible barriers today than they were just a mere two decades ago. But even the amazing advancements we have today can’t […]

Professional Translation Services: Why Paying A Little More Is Beneficial?

Professional Translation Services

Digitization has brought the world closer and transformed it into a global village. Global communication has become a thing as people across different countries and industries can easily communicate with each other. Naturally, this brought professional translation services into the limelight, and they’ve remained relevant ever since. Thanks to professional translation services, language doesn’t have […]

Translation Vs Localization: Parsing The Difference

Translation vs Localization

Imagine your manager tasked you to do a translation for particular content. In the course of your research, you stumbled across the word ‘localization.’ Now, you may be wondering, ‘what is the difference between translation and localization, aren’t they the same?’ Let’s discuss that. The Meaning of Localization and Translation Localization involves converting textual, non-textual, […]

Employee Handbook Translation: Why It Is a Must?

Employee Handbook Translation

Before we delve into the concept of employee handbook translation, let’s briefly discuss what an employee handbook is. Meaning of Employee Handbook An employee handbook is a body of policies and protocols regarding a particular organization. It’s usually given to employees as part of the onboarding process. It comes with guidelines, key performance metrics, and […]

Articulate Rise Translation Made Easy

Articulate Rise translation

Articulate Rise is an e-Learning authoring platform, and translating the course properly involves these steps: 1. Create a Translation Style Guide and Glossary A good translation service company can create a language translation style guide and glossary for little or nothing. It’s like a guide for your translation service that entails details about your target […]

Legal Translation Service That Will Help Your Case

Legal Translation Services That Will Help Your Case

As a business becomes global, this growth is met with challenges. These include the need for specific documents such as agreements between parties and contracts to be used across borders. In such cases, when both countries involved don’t speak the same language, legal translation services are necessary. This ensures that these documents have legal validation […]