Transcend Translation is Best Translation Company in Salt Lake City

The Best Translation Company in Salt Lake City - Transcend Translation

Transcend Translation ranks as the best translation company for translation services in Salt Lake City by independent third-party platforms.  Technology has done a lot in bringing the world closer. Geographical distance and time zones aren’t the near-impossible barriers today than they were just a mere two decades ago. But even the amazing advancements we have today can’t […]

Translation Vs Localization: Parsing The Difference

Translation vs Localization

Imagine your manager tasked you to do a translation for particular content. In the course of your research, you stumbled across the word ‘localization.’ Now, you may be wondering, ‘what is the difference between translation and localization, aren’t they the same?’ Let’s discuss that. The Meaning of Localization and Translation Localization involves converting textual, non-textual, […]