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Transcend Translation Recognized as a Clutch Global Leader for 2023

Transcend Translation Recognized as a Clutch Global Leader for 2023

Transcend Translation has earned yet another well-deserved award in the 6th edition of the Global Awards organized by Clutch. This is no small feat, considering the level of competition in the industry. Getting a translation agency to work with is the easy part for most brands. After all, the language translation industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, and there are abundant options to choose from. The trick, however, is choosing the best translation service provider for your project.

Transcend Translation is such an agency, and its recent recognition by Clutch proves its position as an authority in the language translation and localization industry. Read on to learn more about our company, the award, and the company’s relevance in the globalized world.

About Transcend Translation

This company has been at the forefront of bridging linguistic gaps and fostering effective communication across diverse markets and cultures since its inception in 2005. The company was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Transcend Translation is renowned for delivering high-quality eLearning translation services in more than 140 languages for clients worldwide. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a team of seasoned linguists, Transcend Translation has leveraged culturally-nuanced translations to enable global brands to grow and thrive in the highly diverse world we live in today.

Through excellent offerings such as unparalleled customer service, timely delivery of projects, fair and competitive pricing, and flawless quality, Transcend Translation has built a track record of leaving its clients satisfied and eager to work with them again. The services they offer include translation, interpretation, and eLearning localization.

Through them, the company has been able to live out its motto of “Be Global. Sound Local” through the brands they work with. They do this by giving them a strong presence in their target markets and helping them resonate with the locals like they’re one of them.

Transcend Translation Achievements

Aside from their most recent achievement, Transcend Translation has always been synonymous with awards because of the excellence in service they offer. Below are some of the company’s most notable honors:

  • Best Translation Company in Salt Lake City by (2023)
  • 2023 Best of State for Translation Services
  • Best of 2022 Utah Award Program
  • Best Translation Company in Utah by (2022)
  • Best Company to Work with by

About Clutch - The Award Organiser

Clutch was founded in Frederick, Maryland, in 2009. Since then, the brand has grown into a leading marketplace for B2B service providers and is renowned for streamlining the vendor selection process through its reviews and ratings. Clutch gradually became an authority in its niche after several years of consistently helping businesses make informed decisions and cemented its reputation as one of the most reliable platforms to get top-tier service providers worldwide.

For six consecutive years, Clutch has been acknowledged as an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company. The Washington Business Journal also recognized it as one of the 50 fastest-growing private companies in the DC metro area for 2023. This is a deserved recognition, considering the company has over 15 million active users annually, 280k specialized service providers globally, and more than 1.5k specialized business categories.

Clutch soon established its award event to honor and recognize distinguished companies across various industries, including web development, eLearning, translation, marketing, design, and IT services. The criteria for recognition include industry expertise, client reviews, and market presence. In its most recent edition of the award event on the 30th of November, 2023, the company named Transcend Translation as a 2023 Fall Clutch Global Award winner.

How Transcend Translation Navigates Industry Trends and Challenges?

How this company has been able to stay relevant for this long and remain at the top is down to some simple but effective strategies, including:

  • Emphasis on cultural competence and sensitivity in translations
  • Rigorous quality control measures
  • Continuous training of its linguists to stay abreast of evolving language nuances, industry terminologies, and technological advancements
  • Engaging closely with clients
  • Regular market research
  • Strategic global partnerships with professionals and organizations.


The most recent recognition of Transcend Translation by Clutch is one of many more honors to come. The company aims to build on its sterling reputation and curate a bright future in the translation industry. The company plans to focus on niche specializations, enhanced customer engagement, technological integration, incorporation of sustainable practices, adaptation to regulatory measures, and further diversification of services. This is how Transcend Translation hopes to enhance its excellence and maintain its competitiveness in the language translation industry.