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New World Report Recognizes Transcend Translation as the Best International Language Translations Company 2023

New World Report Recognizes Transcend Translation as the Best International Language Translations Company 2023

The language translation industry has made a lot of progress in recent years. More businesses are pushing to become global brands and establish a relevant presence in markets worldwide. This has facilitated their need for language translation services that can adapt a brand’s content to incorporate the cultural and linguistic nuances of their target markets.

This demand, in turn, has birthed the emergence of several language translators. However, certain brands have made their mark and stood out from the pack. One of the differences between such language translation companies and the others is recognition.

Transcend Translation, a renowned translation firm, has recently been named by New World Report as the Best International Language Translations Company in 2023. A pleasant but not surprising event. After all, good companies get the job done, but great companies win awards while doing it. When one considers the quality of the company’s projects and manpower, it quickly becomes clear why they’re a deserving recipient.

About the Award

Transcend Translation is the first winner of the inaugural Mountain State Awards introduced by New World Report. It’s a symbol of recognition and applause to companies who have made macro or micro contributions to the greatness of the Mountain State Region. It’s known and loved for its tourism appeal, but the mountain states are also home to different fields of science and technology. The 2023 edition of Mountain State Awards aims to recognize the top dogs (firms and individuals) in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, or Wyoming.

The 2023 Mountain State Awards is also a profile raiser for deserving recipients. Aside from the boost it gives companies who win the award, it also exposes them to a new audience. The New World Report has a circulation of more than 75,000 high-net-worth professionals. Apparently, winning the Mountain State Awards comes with a lot of perks.

The research and judging team thoroughly vets and evaluates companies who submit requests to be included among the award nominees. These companies have to be adjudged worthy leaders in their respective industries. The team also considers relevant details such as client feedback, details of the projects, and/0r client case studies.

About the Company

Transcend Translation is a top language service company comprised of several dedicated and seasoned translators who are capable of bringing your brand to the global limelight. The company offers its clients top-tier professional language translation services and state-of-the-art technology. Transcend Translation leverages its quality assurance method, work process, and the expertise of its native translators to ensure their client’s projects are of the highest standards of quality in the market.

Additionally, the projects are completed in record time. Even better, the company charges a competitive fee for their excellent services. However, the best thing about Transcend Translation is its clientele. This language translation company has completed projects for some of the biggest companies in the world. They include Coca-Cola, Samsung, Amazon, Peloton, P&G, PayPal, Volvo, USC, GOVVI, St. Mark’s Hospital, etc. This shows how impressive they are.

Transcend Translation has a sterling track record and provides language translation solutions in more than 140 languages. Their translation services cover websites, multimedia, eLearning courses, software interfaces, and documents, among many others. The company also provides unparalleled customer support to its clients.

There are even testimonials from some clients to prove the quality of service that Transcend Translation offers. One of them is Lifetime Products Inc., a leading manufacturer of folding tables and chairs as well as a leading innovator of metal and HDPE plastic products. According to a spokesperson of the company, “Transcend Translation has made them grow and significantly increase their customer base around the world.” The project involved nine language combinations and a translation of more than 21k words.

About the Award Organization

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