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Everything You Need to Know About Transcreation

Everything You Need to Know About Transcreation - Transcend Translation

Transcreation is an effective way to globalize a brand and make sure you speak your local audience’s language while keeping your message’s original intent. It’s an essential tool for brands in highly competitive industries that always need to be at the top of their game. 

To globalize and establish a foothold in new global markets, companies must effectively communicate their brand message and product or service offerings to these new markets. The best way to do this is by transcreating the brand content and adapting it to the language and culture of the target markets. 

The interesting thing about this process is that it goes beyond the mere translation of words. Let’s delve into this concept to get a full grasp of it and its impact on the international expansion of a brand. 

What is Transcreation?

The origin of this word lends meaning to its definition. This concept is coined from two words – translation and creation. Put together; this concept can be defined as the process of converting or adapting a marketing message, media, and other types of content from its source linguistic and cultural context to that of the target market. Transcreating content goes beyond translating words to another language to communicate to a foreign audience. It’s much more effective because it considers the language, expressions, nuances, and cultural context of the target audience while maintaining the brand’s core message.

Let’s put this in a practical scenario. Suppose a brand wants to break into the Middle Eastern Region. In that case, it needs to not just translate its marketing materials from the source language to Arabic, but also adapt the content to the culture of the region. So an ad campaign containing content in English will need to be adapted to resonate and engage with the Arabic culture and language. This will include the textual content, layout, graphics, call to actions, etc.

This transcreation process will not just market this foreign brand to its new market but also make its content, as well as product and service offerings, instantly attractive and relatable to the target market. This service comes with several immense benefits to the brand.

Benefits of Transcreation

The advantages that transcreation gives a brand over its rivals in the industry cannot be overemphasized. They are the differences between a successful and failed international expansion attempt. 

Increase in Revenue from Sales

What else is a business doing if not making profits? The goal of expanding into new markets is not just to expand, but also to increase its sales. The sales revenue of a multinational cannot be compared to that of a domestic brand. Transcreating your marketing content helps your business appear local and immense patronage from such a market is a very likely outcome. The more local your brand message and marketing campaigns, the more successful your company will be in building a clientele in these new markets.

It Demonstrates Cultural Awareness

The first thing to break into a new market is to create brand awareness, but more is needed. To have a strong foothold in your target markets, you must show that you’re aware of their culture by incorporating it into your brand message. Transcreated content goes a long way in showing cultural awareness, provoking a win-win situation for both parties. The brand’s message shouldn’t contain cultural bias, nor should it lack elements that capture the target market’s cultural context.

Brands Enjoy a Better Reception

A foreign company will find it hard or almost impossible to break into its target market if its marketing message or offerings fail to embody the market’s culture. Adapting your message to your audience helps you connect with them deeply and uniquely. The brand is also perceived as authentic, sensitive, and trustworthy. The natural consequence is that the target market will receive you better than your competitors.

Boost International Branding

International branding is a box that must be ticked for a company to be recognized as a global firm. Merely translating the words of your message to your audience will make your company appear like a misfit trying to blend in. On the other hand, capturing the audience’s culture and language in your message presents your company as a brand with a rich cultural experience and a force to be reckoned with in the international community.


Transcreation is the solution to language barriers during a brand’s international expansion. While it tailors your content to satisfy your target audience, it still retains the original identity of the company. The benefits of breaking into different markets across the world are too numerous to explain, but the few discussed here give you an idea of what you stand to gain.