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Business Translation Services to meet your Quality, Timeline, and Budget.

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As a world-leading language provider, Transcend Translation provides a wide range of translation services across all industries for over 100 languages.

Are you ready to take your translation and localization needs to the next level?

Our proven processes, professional native translators, and quality assurance methods result in the highest level of accuracy and fastest time to market. This will allow you to be global, but sound local helping your company excel in the international marketplace.

Based Translation Management System (TMS)

Transcend moves at the speed of your business leveraging the best technology to get the outcome you desire.

We use a cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS) to manage all your translation projects using your previously translated words and sentences, called Translation Memory (TM), to keep word continuity in your translations.

This saves time, money, and ensures the highest consistency.

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Superior Project Management

Professional project management is critical to achieve your desired outcome. 

Transcend’s experienced project managers paired with our seamless business translation and localization workflow get the quality and results you expect. 

We leverage the best technology to automate processes and reduce human involvement if it produces a better output. With fewer hands-on tasks, we increase the accuracy of the whole workflow and eliminate mistakes.

Machine Translation (MT)

Machine Translation

Machine Translation communicates the primary message of content to be translated, but does not produce a document of publishable quality. This is a solution for internal communications and databases, or when budgets are extremely low.

MT can help to assess whether you want to have the document professionally translated. Clients typically do this with requests for proposal (RFPs) and large amounts of content for legal review. Raw machine translation can help to save up to 90% of what full human translation would cost. MT is fast and usually offers same-day turnaround.

Professional Human Translation

Professional Human Translation

Machine translation technologies are improving, yet professional human translation still provides the best quality translation. Human translation includes the ability to translate the meaning of a sentence, rather than just the words. Human translations are able to take your message and translate it so it resounds with your target audience. Our professional translators have been tested and certified to produce the best translation quality possible. Typically when people think of business translation this is the quality level they expect.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Correct translation is critical but correct formatting can greatly affect how your content is read and understood. Desktop Publishing formats your translated content to fit on the page with proper spacing, imagery, and proportions. After all, it is not enough for your document to read correctly, the proper layout can increase the understanding of your content.

Machine Translation + Post Edit (MTPE)

Machine Translation + Post Edit (MTPE)

With this service your content is first translated by machine, and then reviewed and edited by a professional human linguist. This will provide a “cleaned up” version of machine translation but there will most likely have an improper flow or tone like professional human translation. But this service produces a good outcome and typically saves our clients 30% over standard human translation services.

Some materials suitable for MTPE include databases, technical manuals, FAQs, and some product material. But some content is better suited for professional human translation like advertising, marketing and sales materials, and any material where tone or style are important.

Translation Editing & Proofreading

Translation Editing & Proofreading

If your organization has someone who speaks your target language and is capable of translating, you are a step ahead of many organizations. Allow our professional translators to edit and proofread your translations to ensure the highest translation quality. Whether you would like to review internally translated content or review translations from another translation vendor, Transcend Translation can help.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance (QA)

The key to consistent improvement is measuring output. Transcend Translation conducts our QA testing to ensure the highest quality and best translation. Our proven processes and agile approach to quality can be adjusted to fit any specific client or industry requirements.

Professional Voice-Over (VO)

Professional Voice-Over (VO)

Transcend offers voice-over services in over 100 languages. Voice over is a cost-effective solution to reach and educate multilingual audiences. We have voice actors and actresses for video voice-over, narration, eLearning training videos, internet videos, and phone IVR systems. All of Transcend Translation’s foreign talent are native to their country providing an authentic accent. Multiple voice-over samples can be provided before starting to ensure the right sound for your project.

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