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Our business translation services team with decades of experience will ensure you get the results you're looking for.

Experienced and Reliable Team

All of our account managers, translators, project managers, instructional designers, proofreaders, engineers, and executive team members are highly skilled and perform tasks that match their core competencies.

 From translation, localization, and voice-over to engineering, desktop publishing, in-context review, and integrations, you can rest assured knowing that our teams are degreed, credentialed, certified, and highly experienced to provide you with the best translation experience and results. 

Quality business translation services is what we do!

Project Management

Professional management
that meets your needs

When engaging with Transcend, your team will be assigned two points of contact. The account manager (AM) ensures that a proper relationship and partnership is established to have a foundation for all your translation and interpretation projects.

A project manager (PM) serves as your team’s main point of contact for project updates, technical scope discussions, linguist feedback/questions, establishing timelines, and is coordinates with our linguists, Desktop Publishing team, and Quality Assurance team.

They work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure the project moves forward and is completed with a high level of success.

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Our Translators

Transcend has thousands of certified professional linguists that have been through our 4-stage validation process. On average, only one of every ten linguists applying to be part of our translation team pass our assessments and are authorized to work on our client’s projects.

To ensure we work with only the most highly qualified resources, our team uses the following resource validation process.


Initial Screening

Linguist experience, education, and credentials are evaluated.


English Mastery

Linguist English communication is assessed to ensure English mastery prior to native language assessment.


Linguistic Assessment

Using our rigorous linguistic assessments, linguist target language skills are evaluated and then reviewed by certified linguists.


SME Validation

For a linguist to be qualified to translate within a specific category field, we further validate their subject matter expertise (SME) within that field. 

Once a linguist has completed the validation process, we then closely supervise translation quality through a probationary phase. Once they have successfully completed this portion of their validation process, they become an active resource of our certified translators.

Consistent Quality

Our philosophy is that quality must be infused into each project from inception, and our linguists, along with our technology, will play a key role in delivering consistent, impeccable quality.

Active Monitoring

Through our client review and other feedback processes, we proactively engage with our linguists to ensure the best results for our clients.

Actively monitoring linguistic quality is a key part of our success in maintaining an elite group of world-class linguists.

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